Raise your hands, if you

  • feel ditched by tasting mass produced liquidy drinks everytime on the name of hot chocolate.
  • want to sip the real hot chocolate but ah, too lazy to make it from scratch.
  • dream to drool over the thick hot chocolate, but hate the extra sweetness.

Oops! we see your hands up


Tiggle Hot Chocolate Mix

The rich aroma, perfect consistency and chocolatey flavour define Tiggle Hot Chocolate Mix. Our hot chocolate is made in small batches from the highest grade cocoa. Whether you like yours thick and intense or slightly flavoured, there's Tiggle Hot Chocolate to satisfy whatever mood you’re in. Just in 3 minutes. πŸ₯°

What's your best-sellers?

Are you from the dark hot chocolate tribe or the light hot chocolate tribe? Well, whichever tribe you belong to, we got you covered. 😎

What's the Tiggle story?

Our journey has evolved from humble beginnings. We survived on a bumper road before making Tiggle available directly to your doorstep. How?

On the streets

The ride started from a simple idea and fire in the belly to do something unconventional. Every evening after office, we stood outside the metro station in Delhi to sell our freshly made hot chocolate. Crazy!

30 cups a day

After few weeks of selling on the streets, we collaborated with kiosks. But we were able to sell less than 30-40 cups a day. We were doing something wrong? But before we figure out, pandemic shut us down completely.

5M+ cups sold

We spent our lockdown to become the best at our product & positioning. From the time we launched in early 2021, we have received a lot of love from the Tigglers. We are delivering happiness each day. πŸ™ˆ

Farm and Team

No more a one-man army. We partnered with farmers in Tamil Nadu to source one of India's best cocoa. We have skilled women at our unit in Agra to produce fresh Tiggle packets. And many awesome folks in our virtual office.


What makes Tiggle stand out?

Food made with good intention improves food pleasure. We partnered with amazing folks of a small farm to source one of India's best cocoa and hired a few skilled women at our manufacturing unit. We have a rule to work with people with happy energy and that reflects in Tiggle Hot Chocolate. Those who tried will agree! πŸ™ˆ

How We Make Hot Chocolate

From A to Z, this is how we make your favourite hot chocolate. The only secret is that we put extra happiness and compassion into each step of the process.

1. Procuring

We pick up the best cocoa from our Tamil Nadu farm and dispatch it to our manufacturing unit in Agra.


2. Blending

Specially trained women at the manufacturing space blend all the ingredients with care and pour some extra love into them.


3. Packaging

Once the material for every 100 Tiggle packs is prepared, we put them in our standup pouches and store them safely.


4. Dispatching

We carefully pack each order, and use the best available delivery partner to ensure you get your hot chocolate asap!