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5 Honest Reasons To Drink Hot Chocolate When Stressed Out

We try to avoid it but stress keeps finding its way. Sometimes a nosy boss, a demanding assignment or a fight with the partner. Stress always manages to silently sneak into our lives.

Having a simple yet effective stress coping mechanism is a must in this fast-moving world. Changes to diet to reduce stress and anxiety is a quick hack.

Imagine holding a cup of hot chocolate and sitting by the window at the end of a rough day. Sounds amazing? Tastes delicious too. Hot chocolate is a great pick for instant stress relief.

Want more logical reasons to believe this? Here you go…

Five Reasons To Pick Hot Chocolate Next Time You Feel Stressed

#1: Releases Happy Hormones

Hot chocolate helps to release Serotonin – a key hormone that controls mood.

Serotonin reduces depression and anxiety. It can also make one calm, happy and focused. No wonder hot chocolate brings a smile after just one sip.

Hot chocolate promotes the release of another chemical – Endorphin. Endorphins give a feeling of ‘high’ like the one you feel after a good workout.

Drinking hot chocolate could give you a dose of instant pleasure.

#2: Relaxes Your Body

Hot chocolate is rich in Magnesium.

Magnesium not only helps to alleviate stress but also provides an energy kick. Magnesium can also prevent depression and fight migraines. It also maintains the blood sugar level.

Want to attend a party after tiring day at work? Try a mug of rich hot chocolate to put on party shoes.

#3: Helps In Getting Good Night’s Sleep

Cocoa has been used as a sleep remedy for the longest time.

The ancient Mayan civilization was the first to cultivate chocolate. They considered cocoa as the best bedtime drink.

Hot chocolate, high in cocoa and low in sugar content, is a fantastic bedtime beverage.

It’s important to check for low sugar content because it gives an instant rush which may keep one awake instead of going to bed.

The warmth of hot chocolate and a cosy blanket is enough to keep worries at bay and invite sleep in.

#4: Keeps Mind Calm

Hot Chocolate Breathing is a popular meditational activity to calm the mind.

In this activity, one pretends to hold a mug of hot chocolate and counts to 5 while smelling it. The mind gets calm by the time one counted 5.

Why not try this exercise with a real cup of hot chocolate?

Find a silent corner, sit with hot chocolate, smell its aroma for a few seconds and take the first heavenly sip.

Sounds relaxing? Try it for real.

#5: Tastes Delicious

Indulging in something tasty is a great way to lighten up your mood. Hot chocolate never lets you down on this. It even gets better in taste after each sip.

We are not encouraging stress eating here. It can lead to drastic weight gain.

Hot chocolate (with right ingredients) is a good choice for a healthy, tasty and relaxing drink.

Tiggle hot chocolate is organically made with cocoa from the finest farms of Tamil Nadu. With no added preservatives, it provides the best relaxing benefits of cocoa and makes a great fit for a bedtime drink.

Tiggle sees itself as a happiness company. Even the motto of its hot chocolate mix is – Relive your childhood happiness.

Experience happiness with a yummy and healthy cup of Tiggle hot chocolate.

Stress is unavoidable but it’s beatable. What better companion than a tempting cup of hot chocolate in this fight?

Buy your Tiggle hot chocolate pack here for immediate stressbuster.

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