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Why Fair-Trade Matters? – What Is Fair Trade & Why Fair-Trade Cocoa Matters.

Cocoa, as we all know, is the magic behind chocolate and confectionaries.

As for how salivating the taste of cocoa can be when it lingers in our mouth, not much do we realize the hard work behind this.

Since it got certified for the first time in 1994, Cocoa has grown to be one of the most prominent Fairtrade products.

According to Wikipedia, Fairtrade cocoa is an agricultural product harvested from a cocoa tree using a certified process which is followed by cocoa farmers, buyers, and chocolate manufacturers, and is designed to create sustainable incomes for farmers and their families.

Companies that use fair trade certified cocoa to create products can advertise that they are contributing to social, economic, and environmental sustainability in agriculture.

What is Fair-Trade?

If you’re wondering what the term fair trade means, then let me put it in a much simpler way.

By definition, Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.

It’s all about making a slight difference in the lives of farmers who grow the things that we love the most.

Its key focus areas are addressing the injustice of conventional trade, which completely discriminates against the poorest and weakest producers.

Why Fair-Trade Matters for Cocoa Farmers?

Tell me if this sounds familiar?

You take a carton of chocolate from an aisle in a supermarket and you just have a glimpse of the calories and fats that this product has to offer.

You are so engrossed in the ingredients and the allergen info…but wait? Did you check from where the product is being manufactured?

Fairtrade product has only 1 aim and that is to strike a chord with sustainability. Not only is fair-trade chocolate heavenly, but it is also healthy.

In accordance with a post on Fairtrade International, this project aims at the protection and well being of farmers by being a projection of their voice.

Farmer-owned cooperatives are central to Fairtrade. When small farmers join together and organize themselves democratically, they have more resources and more power in trade relationships, finally rooting to higher incomes.

Cooperatives and their farmer members choose to learn more on a range of topics, including governance, financial management, agricultural practices, occupational health and safety, gender rights, income or crop diversification, anything and everything leading to their development.

In the climate that we are in today, women are fast demanding a seat across the table and gender inequality has been given a whip from all directions.

Also, did you know that this project has a program in Cote d’Ivoire (Africa) and offers practical training skills for women cocoa farmers? They empower to set straight the leadership skills amongst all sexes.

How We As Consumers Can Support Fair Trade?

Our consumer choices need to be vital as they shape the future of farmers who bred on it.

It’s a step in the right trajectory to know where your cocoa or other products come from and can be a boost that a farmer is getting a fair price for their produce and their work.

With reference to an article in Fairtrade Canada, these are some of the steps that we as an individual can follow:

  1. Purchase Fair Trade products, whether food, clothing, handicrafts, furniture, or other items.
  2. Support suppliers and organizations who sell fair trade – let them know that you are part of their community.
  3. Learn about issues of fair trade and encourage your family, friends, and peers to also support fair trade.
  4. Use the power of social media to good use by promoting fair trade across all digital platforms. It’s like they say, “social media has the power to transform lives.” Put it to good use by raising your voice for causes like these.

There’s a growing number of Fair-Trade Certified chocolate makers and Tiggle is not an exception in this.

Though we are in the process of obtaining our certification, we strongly support our backend warriors in crafting the perfecting cocoa for our delicious hot chocolate.

The ultimatum being richness and goodness for chocolate addicts like you and me guaranteed!

So, are you ready to support our Fair-Trade warriors?

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